To “Restore!” in all nations the preeminence of Jesus Christ in business and distribute to the needs of the saints.

I believe Jesus is doing a new thing, the new thing is actually a very old thing. Jesus is reforming His Church to operate in His original design. At Windows of Heaven we are all about restoration and have joined Jesus in the greatest renovation project in history. In communion with the Holy Spirit we are restoring the body of Christ (Church) into a holy temple a dwelling place of God in the Spirit. (Ephesians 2:19-22) Jesus created His temple to participate with the Holy Spirit manifesting, advancing and sustaining His kingdom on earth until He returns.


Windows of Heaven’s portion in this restoration endeavor is the business mountain of all nations. 

Leray Heyne



Our strategy in reforming the holy temple is to establish Windows of Heaven “Living in Communion Assemblies” in every business.

To fulfill our mandate it’s vital that Living in Communion Assemblies be planted in every business worldwide, this includes both Christian and Non-Christian businesses alike.


The holy temple (Church) is a dwelling place of the Spirit of God. The Windows of Heaven “Communion of the Holy Spirit Institute”, equips our "Living in Communion Assemblies" in the spiritual journey of living in participation with the Holy Spirit as authentic disciples.


The greatest need in the Church in the decades to come will be supplying the needs of the saints. 

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